What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The three most popular search engines today are Google, Yahoo and Bing. All search engines though have a common set of rules and regulations and guidelines that they adhere to. The techniques to taken advantage of the algorithms used by today's search engines to float your website higher up in the long list of results for every search is called Search Engine Optimization.

What will we do for you?

We at Californian Tech harness the knowledge of the search engine guidelines and algorithms to make sure people who are looking for you or for the services your website offers, can find you on the Internet. Besides these, there are standard steps that make a website SEO friendly such as submitting sitemaps, link and meta tags that are obviously taken care of by us too.

Though the guidelines are mostly generic for all the search engines, we concentrate on the top three mentioned above in the sense that we monitor monthly (changes reflected with SEO take a month) your website's hit rate from these search engines. To do this we use web optimization and analysis tools hence keeping a watchful eye over your website's prowess to show up on search engines (your site's rankings in the search engine's data centers).

We also monitor and analyze snippets returned by search engines for your website, inbounds links, your website pages that are successfully indexed by the search engine and many more statistics we find are necessary to keep tabs on your website's Search Engine health.