Social Networking & Marketing

In competitive times like these, It is often not enough to simply have a website alone. It is more often than not in the best interests of the website and the business to tap into the huge user base of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. This kind of marketing is also called viral marketing because of its tendency to spread the word far and quickly. In fact, those are the very tenets this kind of marketing depends on.

How do we help you take advantage of this?

Again, as always there is no one fix for all businesses. Some might warrant the need for a facebook application as a separate entity which interacts with the website itself to keep itself in sync with it. Some Internet marketing strategies may not require a facebook application (as this can lead to diversion of traffic between it and the website) but fit in perfectly by having the website itself integrated closely with the social networking site to be able to tap into it's vast user pool. And sometimes, there is a need for both of these. We at Californian Tech, not only provide you with all of the services I just mentioned above, but before we begin, we will inform you of our recommendation as to which course to take after we carefully analyze the propensity of your business to these kind of social networking platforms.